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Take an action based Visits to a URL

Insights can be used to take a marketing action based on customer behavior. Here's how you can setup a Workflow to take an action based on the number of times a customer visited a specific URL.

1. Insert tracking code on your web site

Grab the visitor tracking code from Insights and place it in the header of your web site or shopping cart.

2. Create a workflow 

3. Add a trigger condition for a Visit event

The trigger condition is the initial event that causes someone to run through the workflow. In this case, we want someone to enter the workflow when they Visit a specific URL. So we would add a condition for "Visit" as the event name, and we'd further filter on the URL as the attribute

Click Trigger Start.

Select "Visit". Add URL as an Attribute. Enter the full URL.

4. (optionally) Add a condition for event frequency

You can optionally decide that you want to only take a marketing action if the person has visited that url 4 times in the past 10 days. You can add a condition to check for this. 

Add a block

Select Event from Conditions

Configure the Condition

Set the event name to "visit", set the frequency number and specify "within the last 10 days". Add the attribute "url" and specify the full URL.

5. Specify your marketing action

You can then specify your marketing action. 

Add a block

Select the Action (e.g. add to list)

Configure the action

6. Save and activate your workflow

Click Save

Specify name, activate, configure options

7. Run a Test, Check the Log

You can verify your workflow is working by running a test and checking the workflow's log. 

Click the gear

Click log

Review the log

8. View the Action Report

You can then see results from the action report. 

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