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Wufoo Integration (via Zapier)

StreamSend allows you to automatically push contacts that complete Wufoo forms to StreamSend and tag them to a List.

1. Get a Wufoo Account

Go to and signup for an account.

2. Create a Wufoo Form

They have good documentation on how to create a form

3. Sign Up for Zapier

Go to and signup for an account.

4. Add the StreamSend action to be added

Click here to Add the StreamSend action to Zapier. You'll need to be logged into you Zapier account to get the action added.

5. Create a Zap (Wufoo to StreamSend)

Select the Trigger and Action

Select Wufoo->"New Entry" as the Trigger and StreamSend->"Add Subscriber" as the Action.

Connect Wufoo and StreamSend

You'll be asked to connect StreamSend and the Wufoo application. Follow the directions to connect Wufoo to connect your account.

For StreamSend: The API login ID can be accessed from the account link in the upper right hand corner. The key will need to be pulled from your existing code or you will need to generate a new one from here. If you have not activated you API access yet, you will see a link here to do so and it will provide you with your credentials. 

Configure StreamSend 

Refer to our Configuring the StreamSend Zap article for detailed instructions on how to configure StreamSend options in Zapier.

Test Your Zap

Under the Test this Zap section in Zapier you can do a test submission to make sure the integration is working properly. 

Turn your Zap on

Click on the "Turn Zap On" button to turn your Zap on. 

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