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Configuring the StreamSend Zap

Zapier allows you to add subscribers from a number of different services providers. 


1) You'll need a Zapier account
2) You'll need to add the the StreamSend action to your Zapier account. 

Create a Zap

Create a Zap in Zapier and select the service provider that you want initiating the subscriber record to us in the Trigger on the left, then select StreamSend on the right.

Connect your Accounts

You'll be asked to connect your accounts, this includes the initiating system (e.g. Wufoo) and your StreamSend account.

For the StreamSend account: you'll need your account's API key. The API login ID can be accessed from the account link in the upper right hand corner. The key will need to be pulled from your existing code or you will need to generate a new one from here. If you have not activated you API access yet, you will see a link here to do so and it will provide you with your credentials.

Configure StreamSend 

Step through the Zap creation steps in Zapier until you get to the "Match Up" step #5. This is the step were you select options for adding your subscriber to StreamSend, including values from the other's system goes to which fields in StreamSend.


You can set "Updates Allowed?", "Opt-in Mode", and "Lists".


Get Field Values:
Simply click the "Insert Fields" button and select the appropriate field.

Map the field:
Select the field from the other system that you want to get mapped to StreamSend fields. In this example, we're mapping "Email" from Wufoo to "Email Address" in StreamSend. You'll want to do this for all fields that you wanted to be inserted into StreamSend. 

Test Your Zap

Once your happy with your Zap settings and field mapping, then you should do a test submission. Go the originating system and submit a record. e.g. Go to Wufoo and complete the form. Then click the "Test Trigger" button under "Test This Zap" in Zapier. Zapier will pull up to three sample triggers which you can then submit. Click "Test Zap with this sample". You should then be able to see the information that got submitted and verify that the information made it to your StreamSend account.

Sample Tests

Get sample date

Submit a test

Turn Zap On

Click the "Turn Zap On" button to activate your Zap. At this point any new records submitted should be zapped over to StreamSend.

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