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Mail Merges

Event Name and Attributes

We publish the mail merge values to use for events and attributes in the Event Log. Go to Insights->Event Log and then select the event for which you want mail merge values. Then copy and use those mail merge values in the emails you create under the Create/Send tab. Note that our standard mail merge language uses triple curly brackets, and our advanced Liquid mail merge markup uses double curly quotes.

Subscribe Fields

You can grab mail merge values for Subscriber fields from the Create/Send create interfaces. For example, you can select the field and click on the Add Mail Merge to see the mail merge notation for that field. 


Merge in first name from the subscriber's field

<p>Hello {{{first_name}}}</p>

Merge in first name or if blank "There"

<p>Hello {{{first_name|There}}}</p>

Merge in the event attribute URL as a link's destination

<a href="{{{event.attributes.url}}}"Here is a link</a>

URI Encoding works as well for URL

Curly brackets as per HTML URI encoding change to url encoded equivalents of "%7B" for { and "%7D" for } when merges are used as a url resource in html tags such href, src. That is ok, as our system will properly detect this.

Both of the below will work:
<a href="{{{event.attributes.url}}}"Here is a link</a>
is equivalent to:
<a href="%7B%7B%7Bevent.attributes.url%7D%7D%7D"Here is a link</a>

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